Patient and public information: COVID-19
BCA position on COVID-19
We know that patients and the public want to know more about how chiropractors are responding to patient need at during COVID-19.

BCA advice on face-to-face consultations
5th January 2021

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) represents the majority of chiropractors in the UK and has at its core the values which have been its ethos for 95 years. These include the placing of patient care and safety above all other considerations. Our chiropractors also have a duty of care to their staff and associates and to the wider community, most particularly in this period of national crisis.

Latest COVID-19 restrictions across the UK (4th January 2021)
We have reviewed the regulations announced this evening and chiropractic services can remain open in all four UK countries.

In addition to the fact that it is legally permissible, it is important that chiropractors can continue to offer their services to their patients for several reasons. These include:

Patient care, particularly when a patient is in pain and needs to seek a consultation.
Offering a chiropractic service to key/essential workers, including those in the NHS.
Reducing the musculoskeletal care burden on the NHS, particularly if patients are finding it hard to access these services due to the pandemic.
We have advised our members to:

Act with caution – the latest lockdown restrictions are part of a national effort to reduce COVID-19 infections significantly and chiropractors and their patients must play their part.
Update their risk assessments (including on the use of PPE) in light of the most recent Government announcements.
Ensure that their clinics are as safe as they can be.
Ensure that home visits (if they choose to carry these out) are subject to the most stringent risk assessments.
Consider the use of telehealth/virtual consultations as a first step to decide whether a patient needs to be seen face-to-face.
Consider the use of telehealth as an alternative to face-to-face consultations.
Consider seeing those who present with urgent symptoms only.
Consider the need to minimise travel, particularly across national UK borders.
It is for the chiropractor to make these professional/clinical judgements in consultation with their patient.


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