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I came here to see Amanda Green on a recommendation. After 1 visit I was moving more freely, after 3 visits I was pain free.

– Mr F October 2021

When I came in the first time to Fraser House Chiropractic Clinic I was hopeless, using a walking stick to be able to stand and walk and I was only 41. I needed assistance to do daily life activities, I was in a horrible pain day and night and the pain killers weren’t enough. I was desperate because I’ve tried so many different therapists for years with no success.
After a free assessment which I found very helpful, they told me they could help me, even though the journey was not going to be easy at all. The job Ellie did (and still doing) and her infinite patience and care with me have been vital in my recovery. I’m so grateful and very happy not only with her professionalism but also with all the receptionists working there that are all really kind and helpful and with Amanda that runs this place.
Now after over a year I can say that I don’t suffer any pain at all (unbelievable to me) I walk perfectly fine. Ellie is helping me now to strengthen my back so we can prevent this to happen to me again. I’m beyond than grateful and I have recommended this place to friends and family who are also really happy with Ellie’s treatments. I would definitely recommend Fraser House Chiropractic Clinic to anyone that wants to be treated by professionals and wants a very honest assessment. You won’t regret it.

– Ms P – July 2021

The consultation and treatment were brilliant, extremely Covid secure and safe! The staff member I was given was just amazing (Ellie), although I thought she hadn’t done much boy did I feel it the next day! After treatment it was the first time I slept all through the night for about 6 months! I went thinking I was out of line and sure enough i was, no big cracks to put my back together just manipulation and retraining of muscles. I cannot wait until my next visit!

– Mr M – May 2021

I have been suffering with poor walking ability for a period of four weeks. Previously, I had been seeing Ellie, who has been improving my back since August 2019 with fantastic success, so I knew she would be able to help. She was able to diagnose the problem as locked group of muscles in my calf. After treatment, I was able to have more powerful resistance in my joint (knee and ankle). Much better! I left with a number of simple exercises to maintain and improve the situation with a review in two weeks. It has improved my wellbeing both physically and mentally.

– Mrs O – Mar 2020

Amanda has helped me both physically and emotionally through a very difficult time. She takes time to listen and asks pertinent questions before starting and during treatment. She has certainly helped me cope with my current pressures.

– Mrs W – Jan 2020

After suffering from back pain, the treatment received at the clinic by Luke has been life changing. The staff are extremely pleasant and I am ever so grateful for their service. thank you so much Luke.

– Mr A – Dec 2019

At long last we have found someone who is interested in solving my wife’s health problems.

– Mr B – Oct 2019

I have had some interesting treatments over the years, but meeting Amanda for the first time was an incredible experience. Very impressed.

– Mrs L – May 2019

I can recommend highly any of the chiropractors at Fraser House. Both myself and my son have been treated by Amanda, Luke and Ellie and my daughter by Amanda and Ellie. We have all received excellent treatment at all times.

– Mrs B – May 2019

I have been amazed at the difference to my back. I have been in constant pain for over 4 years, this is the first true relief I have had.

– Mrs H – Feb 2019

Amazing and friendly service. After only 1 session I have now got my life back. I can now join in with the rest of the family. Highly recommended.

– Mrs G – Feb 2019

Luke has made a fantastic difference to my back and neck. He has worked ‘his magic’.

– Mrs H-S – Nov 2018

Thank you Luke, Your natural ability and passion for what you do has not only helped me physically, it has helped me psychologically. It is always a good experience when you are delivering treatment .

– Mrs P – Nov 2018

I recommend anyone to come and see Luke at Fraser House Chiropractic Clinic. Your joints will feel much better.

– Mrs H – Aug 2018

I have been visiting Ellie for my treatments for various problems with my back/hips/pelvis for a couple of months. Over that time my pain level has dropped dramatically and my mobility is so much better. She is a very special lady as she treats you with such kindness and compassion as well as being a very competent and professional person.

– Ms D – July 2018

I’ve been to see Ellie a couple of times for different reasons and the treatment has been very successful. Thank you.

– Mr H – July 2018

Ellie is friendly and approachable and takes the time both to listen and to explain clearly what she is doing and why. She is highly competent and professional and is punctual without rushing.

– Mrs G – July 2018

I’ve seen Ellie a couple of times so far. She is Fantastic! She clearly explains what she is doing and is very easy to talk to. My back feels brand new. Highly recommended

– Mrs H – June 2018

Luke has done wonders for my knee, which is much improved – an 81 year old

– Mr D – Apr 2018

I was in a great deal of pain with my lower back and by chance I came across Luke Griffiths of Fraser House Chiropractic Clinic. The treatment I have received has been the best I could hope for, I’m pain free and engaging in all the sporting activities I once did. Seeking this treatment has changed everything for me. Best thing I ever did. Very recommended

– Mr R – Apr 2018

After 3 years of being passed from pillar to post, I finally got listened to by Luke, who understands how the body works. He was able to diagnose my problem in the first session and I am now on the mend. I would recommend any one in pain to visit this practice, they are friendly, welcoming and caring

– Mr L – Oct 2017

Having this treatment has transformed my life and helped me to make other healthier changes to help myself. Now I am out of pain and my movement is less restricted. Highly recommend Fraser House. Thank you for your care and support

– Mrs M – Sept 2017

Excellent treatment provided with skill. Luke is very professional and such a pleasant man

– Mrs J – Sept 2017

I have been a patient at Fraser House Clinic for over 20 years and have never had any reason to doubt the treatment/care I have received. There seems to be no problem this team cannot solve. Excellent staff from the minute you walk through the door

– Mrs P – June 2017

I have been coming to Fraser House for years. I normally see Amanda. I saw Luke for the first time and was impressed with Luke. They put my spine in place and it stops my headaches

– Mrs B – March 2017

After trying a few, I found this is definitely the best Chiropractic in Tamworth

– Mr R – Jan 2017

I have been attending Fraser House clinic for several years. I would like to thank all the staff for keeping me free from pain and keeping me from losing my job

– Mr F – Dec 2016

After several weeks of treatment, I’m getting the best sleep I’ve had in 8 years

– Mr F – Dec 2016

I have been coming to Fraser House for years. I normally see Amanda. I saw Luke for the first time and was impressed with Luke. They put my spine in place and it stops my headaches

– Mrs B – Sept 2016

Absolutely fantastic service. Made to feel very welcome from the very first appointment and I have finally found someone to fix me after years of no answers

– Miss F – Sept 2016

‘Luke Griffiths’- Excellent first consultation – Noticeable pain relief

– Mr M – Aug 2016

I had a stiff neck and pain all over my back. I couldn’t play with my kids. After a few months I am a changed person. It’s amazing

– Mr W – Dec 2016

I was greeted with calm, kindness and a wonderful atmosphere. All the staff were very helpful and efficient – made me feel loved and cared for

– Mrs D – Nov 2015