Modern life can wreak havoc on your health – particularly your back and posture. Take a look at some of the top problem areas:

1. A desk job
Sitting all day long compresses your spine, can lead to obesity, it raises blood sugar, weakens your muscles and can lead to problems, such as back pain. Tackle it by getting up regularly for a walk and exercising for at least an hour a day. A standing desk is also increasingly popular and a great way to avoid the dread sedentary lifestyle!

2. Your texting habit
Constantly leaning your head forwards to text can exert a force of around 40-60 pounds on your neck. This puts an incredible strain on your neck and spine and can lead to pain. Combine this with hunched shoulders, squinting eyes and terrible posture as you tap out those messages and suddenly you are experiencing aches, pains and general discomfort. Simple remedy? Put the phone down! Get outdoors, stretch, walk, swim – do anything active and gentle to get your body moving as it should. It’s also well worth seeing a chiropractor to get a professional assessment of any problems you are already experiencing so that they don’t escalate.

3. Commuting
Rising stress levels, prolonged periods of sitting in cars, hunched shoulders, clenched fists, grinding teeth… It can only be the joy of the work commute! If you can walk, cycle or jog, why not escape the queues and own your journey once again? You can then make it into part of your fitness regime and enjoy it.

4. Lunch at your desk
Building on the desk theme, most workers are eating at their desks during lunch-time – and we are one of the few nations to do so. Get outdoors for a lunchtime wander, go and see a colleague for a chat – do anything to get moving and allow your body to stretch and move in the way that nature designed it to! We simply aren’t designed to sit hunched, stressed and unmoving for hours, so reclaim your health and wellbeing and start to feel far better as a result!


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