New Chiropractor Ellie Weldon starts in January 2018

Ellie first became interested in chiropractic after receiving treatment for chronic back pain and whiplash following a road traffic accident. She had lower back pain and neck pain with headaches that no amount of stretching or painkillers could get on top of. Her mother decided to take her for a check-up at her chiropractor after months of her moaning. A couple of sessions later she began to gain more movement but with less pain! It was the most fascinating thing she had seen. Her chiropractor was able to tell her all about herself, what she had been doing (and usually what she had done that shouldn’t have!).
Upon graduation Ellie was fortunate enough to be offered an associate position at an award-winning teaching clinic in Aberdeenshire. The owner of the clinic had a special interest in pregnancy and paediatrics and in fact taught many courses on these subjects.
Ellie was able to gain valuable experience in treating many people, not just the pregnant and paediatric populations. She has seen a variety of people, ages and conditions. Her youngest patient was 2 days old with her eldest being 92 years!
Ellie is originally from Staffordshire and is excited to be moving closer to home, treating and getting to know the local community

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