More than two thirds of pregnant women experience low-back pain and almost one fifth experience pelvic pain*. All our chiropractors have a special interest in prenatal and postnatal care and use very gentle techniques including cranio-sacral therapy, postural advice and exercise.

Our principal chiropractor, Amanda Green, has a Masters degree in Chiropractic paediatrics and Elise Weldon is currently undertaking the same Masters degree at the AECC University College. We therefore offer free baby checks at this clinic and the treatment used for babies and children is very gentle and modified using a very slight pressure rather than the manipulative technique used on adults. With all our pregnant patients, babies and children we work closely with the local GP’s, health visitors, midwives, lactation consultants, paediatricians, breastfeeding support groups and tongue tie specialists to provide the best and safest comprehensive care package.

To book a free baby check or a free assessment for yourself or your child then please contact our receptionists on 01827 310910 who will be more than happy to help.

*Liddle, S.D. and Pennick, V. Interventions for preventing low-back pain and pelvic pain during pregnancy. Cochrane database Syst Rev. 2015 Sep 30;(9)CD001139.pub4.