Free assessment (15 mins) – A free assessment is a chat with one of our chiropractors to see whether or not chiropractic treatment will be of benefit to you.

Consultation, Examination, report of findings (45 – 60 mins) – Permission for examination and or treatment will be required. Patients may be asked to undress to their underwear, a clinic gown is provided. Depending on your condition, you will be given routine orthopaedic, neurological and physical examinations. Before any treatment is given we will sit down and discuss with you the examination findings. We will also discuss with you all of your treatment options, the rationale behind these treatment options, possible adverse reactions and expected benefits. If indicated, treatment options discussed would also involve any possible referrals to other medical professionals.

Treatment (20 mins) – is based on the needs of the patient. Treatments may include spinal and extremity manipulation techniques or mobilisation, soft tissue massage and exercise. Other treatments we offer include instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, dry needling and sports taping. Your practitioner will decide which of these best suit your needs and your response to treatment is continuously monitored.